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Pensacola Liposuction or Body Contouring

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fatty tissue from various areas of the body to provide an improved shape.  Many of us eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly but are still not able to achieve the body we want.  Liposuction, or body sculpting, is an extremely popular procedure for both men and women who want to refine the areas of their body that they have been unable to change through dieting or working out.  Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity and is not an alternative to making healthy lifestyle choices.  However, if you are in relatively good shape, or perhaps slightly overweight, with specific  areas of bulging that you want reduced and reshaped, liposuction may be for you.

At Shaddix Plastic Surgery in Pensacola, we offer both traditional tumescent liposuction and power-assisted liposuction.  These are some of the most popular procedures we perform.  With his experience with these various techniques, Dr. Shaddix is able to target the specific areas of concern to you and directly remove deposits of fat to provide amazing and lasting results.  Multiple areas can be treated during one procedure, and body sculpting by liposuction can be combined with other procedures such as tummy tuck or breast augmentation to help you get the look you want.

Reasons for Considering Body Sculpting or Liposuction in Pensacola

  • To remove and reduce bulges and fatty tissue throughout the body
  • To get rid of your love handles
  • To look and feel better at the beach or the pool
  • To have a more attractive appearance in and out of clothing
  • To improve your body contours
  • Desire to eliminate fat from any of the following areas:

    The Liposuction Procedure by your Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

    General anesthesia is most often used for your liposuction procedure.  The problem areas are accessed by very tiny incisions that can be hidden.  First, the tissues are filled with a saline-based solution called tumescent solution.  This helps to separate the fat cells making them easier to remove.  The solution also helps to decrease postoperative discomfort and bruising.  Next, a small instrument called a cannula is attached to suction and used to remove the unwanted fatty tissues.  Dr. Shaddix takes great care to blend the treated tissues with the surrounding areas to provide a natural contour.  Often Dr. Shaddix will use power-assisted liposuction.  This is a special instrument that causes the suction cannula to vibrate in the tissue to loosen the fat cells and allow them to be suctioned even more effectively.  After the shape is just right and a safe amount of unwanted fat has been removed, the incisions are closed with sutures that rapidly absorb and do not need to be removed. 

    Recovery following Liposuction in Pensacola

    In almost all cases, you are able to go home on the same day as surgery.  Recovery time is based on the amount of fat removed and the number of areas treated.  You may be able to return to work within a day or two depending upon your job, but a restful week after surgery is never a bad idea.  You will have some mild discomfort after surgery for which Dr. Shaddix will prescribe medication.  There will be some bruising and swelling.  Most of this resolves within the first couple of weeks.  During the first month, you will have a compression garment to wear which will be important in helping you achieve the best result.  Your shape will continue to improve during the second month after surgery during which you will be asked to intermittently wear the same compression garment.  Dr. Shaddix will provide you with detailed instructions to guide you along the way during every step of your recovery.

    To find out if you would be a good candidate for liposuction or body sculpting in Pensacola, Florida and along the Gulf Coast, call to schedule your complimentary consultation at Shaddix Plastic Surgery by calling 850-476-7100.

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