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Pensacola Earlobe Repair - Repair of Split and Stretched Earlobes

The soft skin of the earlobe, though delicate, is a popular area for piercing and wearing jewelry.  Just as jewelry brings desired attention to the earlobes, deformities of the earlobe can result in unwanted attention and embarrassment.  Years of wearing heavy earrings can stretch the pierced hole to an unattractive degree.  In some cases, mostly due to an earring being pulled all the way through the lobe, the earlobe becomes torn or split.  In other instances, stretching of the earlobe piercing hole has been done purposefully in the process known as gauging.  Though popular in youth, many eventually decide they no longer want the large holes in their ears and seek correction. At Shaddix Plastic Surgery, we see all varieties of these issues and are able to apply a large number of techniques to address each individually.  

Reasons for Considering Torn Earlobe or Stretched Earlobe Repair in Pensacola

·       Unhappiness with long, unattractive stretched earlobe piercing hole

·       Desire to wear earrings again after suffering a torn or completely split earlobe

·       Appearance of a gauged earlobe no longer fitting your lifestyle

The Split Earlobe Repair Procedure by your Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

For almost all earlobe repairs, the procedure can be done under local anesthesia in the office. Dr. Shaddix will mark the area to be repaired.  Numbing medicine will be placed in your earlobe so that you won't feel any discomfort at all during the procedure.  This allows Dr. Shaddix to remove any scar tissue that may be present and rearrange the delicate tissues of the earlobe.  This may be as simple as putting the two edges back together in a simple earlobe tear or it may involve moving portions of the earlobe to restore volume in the case of severely stretched earlobes.

Recovery Following Split Earlobe Repair in Pensacola

Earlobe repair is almost always done in the office.  You will be able to drive yourself to and from your appointment.  After surgery, you may have mild discomfort which can be managed very well with Tylenol.  For more extensive cases, Dr. Shaddix may prescribe a pain medication to be taken for the first couple of days.  You should be able to return to work and social activities right away.  There is virtually no downtime.  Dr. Shaddix will place sutures in your earlobe which are often the type that dissolve on their own.  However, sometimes he needs to place stitches that require removal one week after surgery.  As always, Dr. Shaddix will be available to guide you along the way and answer any questions as they arise.  You will generally be able to re-peirce your ears six to eight weeks after repair.  Dr. Shaddix can perform this procedure for you as well so that the new piercing is positioned to avoid any recurrent tear or stretch.

If you are ready to have your torn earlobe, split earlobe, or stretched earlobe repaired by Pensacola plastic surgeon, Dr. Kyle Shaddix, call today.  We provide complimentary cosmetic consultations to patients needing plastic surgery in Pensacola, Destin, Mobile, Gulf Breeze, and all along the Gulf Coast.  Call our Pensacola Plastic Surgery office at (850) 476-7100 today.

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