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Non-Surgical, Minimally Invasive Facial Enhancement in Pensacola

At Shaddix Plastic Surgery, we offer a multitude of non-surgical options that can be used alone or in combination with our surgical procedures to give you the rejuvenated look you want. 

As we all know, wrinkles and aging go hand in hand.  For those troubling wrinkles that show up when you smile or frown, Botox is the answer.  Treatment involves injections with an incredibly small needle.  These will reduce the activity of certain facial muscles and help to take away the lines across the forehead, the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, and the crow's feet on the sides of the eyes.  It can also be used to treat a gummy smile.  Best of all is that there is no downtime and the procedure can be done in our office in a matter of minutes.

The passage of times comes not only with wrinkles, but changes in the distribution of volume throughout our faces.  Deep grooves and folds can become very prominent as this occurs.  Dermal fillers and fat injections can work wonders in softening these signs of aging.  Patients who have had volume loss in the cheeks and lips may also benefit from fillers.  As with Botox treatments, filler treatments are done in the office and do not require any downtime. 

Your skin is a crucial component of beauty.  Skin can be damaged by the sun and lose its tone with age.  Many times areas of altered pigmentation or coloration detract from your appearance.  At Shaddix Plastic Surgery, we offer chemical peels and prescription skin care lines to help address all of these issues and make your skin look young again.

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