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Pensacola Neck Lift for Men

Changes in the neck are often some of the first signs that give away a person’s age.  Sagging skin lacking the elastic tone of youth gives rise to wrinkles.  Fatty deposits under the chin blunt the angle of the neck and weaken the jawline.  Separation of the muscles of the neck cause visible bands.  These are common complaints amongst both men seeking a more youthful appearance with a neck lift. 

Neck lift surgery can remove and resuspend tissues to restore a more youthful neck and a defined, masculine jawline.  There are numerous techniques that can help you achieve your goals.  For patients with only stubborn fat under the chin, liposuction alone can provide an outstanding result.  When relaxed and wrinkled skin is the main concern, this can be addressed through inconspicuous incisions behind the ears and under the chin.  The muscles can be tightened and repositioned simultaneously with this approach.  In some men with a pronounced "turkey gobbler" type of neck, a direct excision of the problematic tissue can be performed with a procedure known as the T-Z plasty.  In fact, Dr. Shaddix trained at the institution where this procedure was devised.  Dr. Shaddix will be able to thoroughly assess your concerns and use any combination of these techniques to tailor a treatment plan to meet your unique aesthetic goals and make you look as young as you feel. 

Reasons for Considering a Neck Lift for Men in Pensacola

  • Turkey gobbler neck deformity
  • Excess fat and skin that blunts the angle of the neck and weakens the jawline
  • Muscle bands in the front of the neck
  • Excess fat, fullness, or double chin

The Male Neck Lift Procedure by your Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

Neck lift alone is almost always an outpatient procedure unless combined with other procedures.  The way in which a neck lift is performed depends upon the specific concerns being treated.  Liposuction alone can be performed with very tiny access incisions below the chin and behind the ears and may not require general anesthesia.  If excess skin needs to be removed and redraped, well-hidden incisions will be placed behind the ears and general anesthesia will be needed to provide a pain free experience.  When a T-Z plasty is indicated, the skin and fat are removed directly from the front of the neck.  Though this does leave a scar in a more prominent location, it generally tucks under the chin well and produces a truly dramatic result.

Many times a neck lift can be combined with a facelift, browlift, blepharoplasty, chin implant, or other facial procedures to provide an even more dramatic rejuvenation. 

Recovery following a Neck Lift for Men in Pensacola

Recovery depends on the extent of your necklift and any accompanying procedures.  As with most surgery, planning for a week of rest is wise.  You may begin light activity the day after your surgery.  Returning to more normal activity will take about a week.  Strenuous activity should be avoided for a month after surgery as your neck result continues to refine.  Immediately after surgery, a compression dressing will be placed.  You will be provided with a special garment to wear at night to help support the newly positioned neck tissues.  Sutures will be removed about one week after surgery.  Dr. Shaddix will provide you with detailed before and after surgery instructions and be available to answer your questions along the way. 

To determine if you are a good candidate for neck lift surgery in Pensacola, Florida, please call to schedule a completely complimentary consultation with Dr. Shaddix.


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