What is Latisse?

Have you tried a variety of different mascaras and makeup products to make your lashes look long and thick and make your eyes stand out? Have you been frustrated with lackluster results? Then Latisse may be for you. Latisse is a product that is applied directly to the eyelid to produce amazing lengthening and thickening of the lashes in a matter of weeks. The product is safe, approved by the FDA, and available at Shaddix Plastic Surgery.  

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About Shaddix Plastic Surgery

Your Customized Latisse Consultation

Latisse can be beneficial to those with sparse eyelashes who wish to achieve longer, fuller lashes without the use of mascara. Candidates for Latisse are those who do not have any eye conditions or allergies that could be aggravated by the Latisse formula. If you are nursing or pregnant, you are not a candidate for Latisse.

The Treatment Process

Latisse comes in a small vial with applicators. To use Latisse, apply a small amount of the solution to your upper eyelids each night before bed. When you close your eyes to sleep, the solution will be delivered to your lower lashes as well. Do not apply Latisse directly to the lower eyelids. Always be sure to use a new, clean applicator with each use. 

Recovery and Results

Latisse is not associated with any downtime or recovery period. Some common side effects include red, itching eyes. Most patients start to notice the remarkable improvement in lash length and fullness in a little over a month of continuous use. The full effects will take about sixteen weeks to fully appreciate. To keep the lashes long and beautiful, you will need to continue to use Latisse. Discontinuing use will result in a gradual decrease in the length of your lashes until they reach the point where they were before beginning treatment.  

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