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Our patients can choose from a wide range of facial, body, and breast procedures. We understand that some of our patients have taken a long time to decide to get a cosmetic procedure. We encourage you to take as much time as needed to make a deliberate decision. Our patients who are not yet ready to undergo surgery can choose from a range of non-surgical treatments. These offer minimal downtime and a shorter recovery period so that you can return to your normal routine sooner. With every procedure you choose at Shaddix Plastic Surgery, you can be assured of stunning results and the best recovery experience.

Labiaplasty is one of the surgical procedures we offer that has fast gained popularity. The procedure is meant to help shape or trim the inner lips or outer lips of the vagina or in some cases, both. A woman’s labia minora can be asymmetrical and elongated because of aging, genetics, childbirth, or sexual intercourse.

Why do women choose labiaplasty?

Women choose the labiaplasty procedure for many reasons. Some are looking for relief from genital pain, while other women are seeking cosmetic enhancement and wish to enhance the appearance of their vagina. Our patients also choose labiaplasty to improve their sexual appearance while transgender patients require labiaplasty after their surgery.

Here are some reasons why women choose to undergo labiaplasty:

  • Feeling of self-consciousness due to the color, length or asymmetry of their labia minora
  • In cases where certain activities like riding a bike or sexual intercourse lead to discomfort or pain
  • If wearing tight clothes leads to irritation or chafing of the skin

Who is a good candidate for labiaplasty?

You are a good candidate for the procedure when you are bothered with enlarged inner vaginal lips which cause you discomfort or pain or self-consciousness. An enlarged labia can also be a source of discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse or when you wear tight clothes or exercise. Women who are fully developed and in good health are good candidates for the procedure. Transgender women can also be candidates for labiaplasty when they have undergone genital reconstructive procedures and vaginoplasty. Dr. Shaddix recommends the labiaplasty procedure for those patients as well who wish to remove the darker color from the border of their labia. If you are concerned with the appearance of the outer labia, vaginal opening or the clitoral hood, Dr. Shaddix will recommend other procedures and techniques which can help you achieve your desired results.

About Destin, FL

Destin is a city located in the Okaloosa County of Florida. It is a principal city of the Crestview – Fort Walton Beach – Destin, Florida, metropolitan area. It is located on the Emerald Coast and is known for its white beaches and emerald green waters. A small fishing village once, today Destin is a popular tourist destination with about 4.5 million visitors each year. You can charter fishing vessels from the harbor, and there are 12 beach access points in the city. The white sand on the beaches comes from the Appalachian Mountains and is made up of finely ground quartz crystal giving it the appearance of sugar. There are several events throughout the year drawing more tourists. In the month of October, anglers have been attracted to the Destin Fishing Rodeo since 1948; October also sees the weekend gathering of local artists and fresh seafood at the Destin Seafood Festival.

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