Breast Implant Revision

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What is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast augmentation is the gold-standard for giving women the breasts of their dreams. Despite best efforts, breast implants don’t always live up to our aesthetic standards. The implants can change shape or size over time, so breast implants can be displeasing sometimes if they seem unshapely or are too big. Often this makes people feel distressed, but there are fixes to any concerns you have with your implants. With breast implant revision, we will be able to improve the look of your breast implants by exchanging the implant with a different, more aesthetically pleasing one.

Why Choose Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision is the solution to a problem that you should not have to live with. Many patients may experience changes in their implants over time. Implants tend to last between 10 to 15 years, so after this time frame, implant revision is needed. At a consultation with Dr. Shaddix, it is important to bring up any concerns you may have concerning your current implants such as:

  • “My breasts have become too big and are displeasing to me.”
  • “The scar tissue from my breast implant is starting to become painful.”
  • “I have experienced a rupture from one of my implants.”

Who is a Candidate?

Any patient who is finding that they are having concerns with their breast implants from a breast augmentation should make a consultation appointment with Dr. Shaddix. You may find with Dr. Shaddix’s special care and his practiced hand that you will get better results. If you are healthy and able to undergo surgery, then this could be very beneficial to you. You should quit smoking a few months prior to surgery as this can affect the healing process and the skin quality. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, be sure to discuss these with Dr. Shaddix in order to come up with the proper treatment plan for you.

Your Customized Breast Implant Revision

An important part of your consultation appointment with Dr. Shaddix is going over the options you have for your breast implant revision. Dr. Shaddix will go over each option for you, such as sizes, shapes, and implant type in order to reach the intended results. With a breast implant revision, you will have to choose if you want to change the shape of your implants, change the size, and if you want to change implant types. The most common implant options are:

  • Saline: These are FDA approved implants that are filled with sterile salt water.
  • Silicone: These FDA approved implants are filled with silicone gel, this makes the implants feel more natural.
  • Fat Transfer: This procedure uses liposuction to take fat from one part of the body, and then transfer the fat into the breasts for a more natural breast augmentation.

Dr. Shaddix will assess your current implants and your concerns to help you in choosing the best route for your breast implant revision. He will help to improve the look of your breast implants, so you feel amazing.

Just had a breast augmentation with Dr. Shaddix. The team was so sweet and reassuring, I have terrible anxiety and they put me at ease. Dr. Shaddix listened to what I wanted and gave me all the info I needed to make an informed decision. Altogether a wonderful experience”

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What to Expect During Your Breast Implant Revision?

Dr. Shaddix wants to make you as comfortable as possible for your procedure and will perform it with the use of anesthesia. The anesthesia will be administered once you are comfortable and ready with the help of our staff. During the surgery, Dr. Shaddix will make an incision for the implant revision based on the predetermined treatment plan that was talked about at the consultation. Then the old implant will be removed, and the implant pocket may be changed or reshaped in order to fit the new implant. If any capsular have appeared, those will need to be removed as well to cause less pain and stress. Also, if you are getting smaller implants put in, depending on the stretching of the skin, a breast lift may need to be done. Overall, this procedure will take about one to three hours, depending on the extent of the changes needed to the current implants.

Breast Implant Revision Recovery

After your procedure, Dr. Shaddix will give you detailed after-care instructions to ensure you achieve optimal results. Your breast implant revision recovery will be very similar to that of a breast augmentation. Be sure to speak with Dr. Shaddix about any concerns you have during your recovery time. You may experience tender breasts, swelling, and some bruising, it is important to wear your gauze and any support bras during your recovery as your new implants settle into place.  If you experience any complications be sure to contact our office.

Breast Implant Revision Results

It may take a few months for patients to see the final results from their breast implant revision. The skin and implants will be settling into their new places while the body is healing. Your new breasts will help you feel more beautiful and comfortable while meeting your aesthetic standards. If you have concerns of stretch marks or excess skin, Dr. Shaddix will direct you to an option to resolve any of these issues for you. Breast implant revision can help you feel substantially better about the look of your breasts after your old implants have started to change.

Why Choose Shaddix Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Shaddix is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He is a reliable, trusted, and compassionate surgeon who gives optimal one-on-one care to his patients in the Pensacola area. Dr. Shaddix is well-known for producing optimal results and helping patients reach all of their cosmetic goals. If you are interested in coming in for a consultation with Dr. Shaddix then you can contact our office by calling or filling out an online form.

At Shaddix Plastic Surgery it's a very laid back, low pressure environment where my goal is to educate, and not to sell.”

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