Chin Implants For Men

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What are Chin Implants?

Many men feel that they lack a strong, masculine chin, and this can affect the overall balance of the face and confidence in their looks. Chin augmentation surgery, also referred to as genioplasty, is a surgical procedure performed to enlarge a chin that is too small or too short. In doing so, the facial features can be brought into better proportion with a jawline that is stronger and more defined. The result is a more masculine and chiseled appearance. The chin can be augmented by using implants or advancing the bone itself.

Some of the most common reasons that men undergo chin implant surgery are:

  • Creating a more protruding and manly chin
  • Defining the jawline
  • Treating a weak or recessed chin
  • Creating better harmony of facial features

Your Customized Chin Implant Surgery Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Shaddix, you should be sure to describe your intended results for this procedure and ask any questions you may have. Dr. Shaddix will ensure that you understand what will happen during the procedure and what to expect during your recovery period, for which you’ll receive detailed care steps. You’ll also discuss at length which techniques will benefit you most so that Dr. Shaddix can create your unique procedure— which can include additional procedures at Dr. Shaddix’s recommendation.

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The Procedure

This procedure is typically performed under anesthesia. You will most likely be able to go home the same day as surgery. A small incision is made below the chin in a natural crease or inside the mouth, and each option is effective at hiding any scarring. When an implant is used to augment the chin, a space is developed to place a solid silicone device. Dr. Shaddix will carefully select the implant that will give you the result you desire, which will be discussed during your consultation.  When your own bone is to be used, the bone is advanced to the desired position and secured. The incisions are closed with sutures that dissolve and do not need to be removed.

Recovery After Chin Implant Surgery 

It is important to take some time off of work to recover, and a week of rest without strenuous activity is advised. You will have some bruising that usually resolves within a couple weeks. Any discomfort can be managed with medication prescribed by Dr. Shaddix, who will also provide you with detailed instructions to guide you through your recovery. Dr. Shaddix will also be available to answer any questions about your recovery along the way.

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