Choosing the Right Neck Contouring Procedure for You

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Choosing the Right Neck Contouring Procedure for You

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The neck is often what gives away a person’s age. Even if you are careful to prevent signs of aging in the face, it is still common for the neck to show skin laxity and wrinkles. Many people are insecure about the appearance of their neck due to these aging changes. However, it is not only the signs of aging that can lead to an aesthetically displeasing appearance of the neck. Several young patients have genetic features or excess fat that can benefit from a variety of treatments. No matter the reason that you are considering a neck contouring procedure, there are options. Each of these options is best suited for specific problems, and the appropriate one can be chosen to treat your unique situation. Here are a few procedures and considerations for choosing the neck contouring procedure that’s best for you.


If you decide that a surgical procedure just isn’t for you, Kybella is a nonsurgical alternative. It is the least invasive on this list. Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable to reduce excess fat under the chin. As there are no incisions, Kybella has practically no downtime so you can get back to your day-to-day routine immediately. However, there is some initial swelling and the full result isn’t realized for about three months. At least two treatments are required. However, additional treatments are sometimes necessary to fully eliminate the pocket of fat. These fat deposits will not return so long as you maintain a healthy weight. Kybella can be a very nice procedure for those seeking to avoid surgery.


For many, the primary reasons they lack a defined profile are excessive and stubborn fat deposits on the neck and under the chin- creating a double chin. For patients who would prefer to avoid the repeat treatments required with Kybella, liposuction can be performed to contour the neck and remove fat. Good candidates for neck liposuction are typically at a healthy weight, but they simply store more fat in this area. It is important to ensure good skin quality before liposuction to avoid any skin loosening after the procedure. 

Liposuction is performed by inserting a cannula into a small incision or series of incisions in the treatment area, which is then used to remove fat cells by suction. Liposuction patients typically take about a week away from work to rest and fully recover. There is some swelling and bruising in the early postoperative period, but most people return to all of their normal activities after about two weeks. The final result may take up to three months to see, but significant improvement is normally evident by the end of the third week. Most patients opt to have their neck liposuction in the office. This is tolerated very well with some mild sedation and avoids a trip to the operating room.

Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery is a good option for those who have loose skin, jowls, a turkey neck, or other signs of aging in this area. A neck lift serves to reduce excess skin as well as tighten and reshape the neck to create a more youthful and smooth appearance and refined profile. A neck lift can be combined with liposuction at times. This surgery becomes necessary if there is a significant amount of loose skin. 

Neck lift surgery requires about two weeks of rest before patients are ready to return to work. Most patients experience some bruising and swelling in the area, which can last a bit longer.  The incisions for a typical neck lift are confined behind the ears. There is another procedure called the TZ plasty which Dr. Kyle Shaddix sometimes offers to patients. This is generally best for men with an isolated turkey neck. The incision is in the middle of the neck but hides remarkably well.  

Typically, neck lift procedures are performed in the operating room to maximize your comfort.

Pairing Neck Contouring with Facial Procedures

Neck contouring procedures are frequently combined with facial rejuvenation procedures as well. A facelift, for example, always involves exactly what is done with a neck lift. A chin implant often improves what can be done with liposuction alone. Other times a rhinoplasty, or nose job, is performed to bring harmony to the face and neck as a unit.  

Facelifts are commonly performed in combination with a neck lift in order to reduce signs of aging throughout both the face and neck. A facelift contours the lower face and removes excess skin throughout the lower part of the face. This allows for the treatment of jowls, sagging cheeks, and wrinkles. The tissues under the skin are raised to provide a youthful appearance that sets the clock back by about ten years.  

A chin augmentation is sometimes chosen in combination with a neck contouring procedure such as liposuction to more effectively enhance the jawline and profile of the patient. The overall change to the appearance of the lower face and neck after this combination can be quite profound. Chin augmentation utilizes custom-fitted solid silicone implants which are placed over the bone of the chin to give better projection and a more ideal definition of the jaw.  

Rhinoplasty may also be paired with neck contouring for a more balanced overall appearance. A rhinoplasty is also known as a nose job and serves to alter the size, shape, rotation, and projection of the nose. Changes to the neck and jaw can impact the overall symmetry and balance of the face, so altering one area may call for changes to be made in another as well.

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