Three Common Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

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Three Common Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

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While increasingly popular, plastic surgery is widely misunderstood in a variety of ways, and certain stigma remains despite both celebrities and everyday people becoming more open about the procedures they’ve chosen. Before you choose to undergo a procedure, it’s important to understand more about plastic surgery in general: its potential results, who is a good candidate to have it done, and why you would choose to have a procedure in the first place. Here are three of the most common plastic surgery misconceptions explained.

Plastic Surgery is Permanent

Many plastic surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, permanently alter the shape of the face or body. However, because aging continues after a plastic surgery procedure, the results are considered “long-lasting” as opposed to permanent. For example, the result of a facelift tends to set the clock back by about ten years.  Though the patient will continue to age after the surgery, he or she will always look about ten years younger than their peers.

All Plastic Surgery Patients are Women

It’s true that the majority of plastic surgery patients are women. However, an increasing number of men are choosing cosmetic procedures as well. The most popular treatments among men are injectables which are used for fighting signs of aging. Products like Botox can soften fine lines and wrinkles for both men and women.

Plastic Surgery is Only for Vanity

Plastic surgery can certainly change features that lead to self-consciousness and improve a patient’s self-image. However, it is often performed to repair or reconstruct parts of the body that are damaged from birth defects or injury.

A common example is breast reduction. It’s true that breast reduction patients feel that their results are more aesthetically pleasing and in proportion with the rest of their bodies. However, excessively large breasts can create a great deal of discomfort, including neck and shoulder pain or skin chafing. Similarly, labiaplasty is often performed primarily because an elongated labia causes discomfort during exercise, sexual intercourse, or even while wearing certain clothing.

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