Understanding Fat Injections

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Understanding Fat Injections

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One of the main causes of aging signs is the impact of gravity. Over time, it’s normal for the natural fat and tissues of the face to begin to sag, causing a hollow or gaunt look. If you notice that this makes you look older than you are, you may have tried options like fillers. If you’re looking for a more permanent option, however, fat injections are an excellent option. Dr. Kyle Shaddix offers facial fat injections at our Pensacola, FL office – here is what to know about this minimally invasive anti-aging option.

What are Fat Injections?

Fat injections, sometimes called fat transfer, is a procedure that takes fatty tissue from one area of the body and uses it to restore youthful volume to the face. There are many benefits over traditional dermal fillers because once the fat “takes” to the new area, it remains there permanently. There’s also a reduced risk of allergic reaction since it uses your natural tissue. In short, fat injections are one of the most effective ways to restore your facial profile, especially when paired with procedures like a facelift.

How Do Fat Injections Work?

Fat injections require a liposuction procedure to gather fat in a way that does not damage the fat cells. This liposuction procedure requires only small entry points in areas like the thighs, stomach, or upper arms, meaning your downtime is drastically reduced. Once the fat is injected in place, the cells will begin to establish a new blood supply and act just as they would elsewhere. The injected fat will provide youthful volume, lifting the face and achieving a fuller, more rejuvenated look.

Fat injections are most commonly used in areas of the face like the lips, cheeks, or under eyes. These are areas where natural fat pads typically sag with age. By restoring fat to these areas, you can restore your natural youthful look without looking overdone.

What to Expect from Fat Injections

Fat transfer procedures are typically able to be performed using a local anesthetic, but Dr. Shaddix will help you determine the right option for your needs. When the procedure begins, Dr. Shaddix will create a small entry point in your donor area and carefully collect fat cells with steps taken to preserve their health. Then, the fat is processed and injected carefully into the face through tiny incisions around the nose and mouth. Once a natural and contoured appearance is created, you can return home.

Fat injections typically require minimal downtime, meaning you can enjoy your results sooner. Because of the nature of fat transfer, you can expect your results to last many years. This makes it one of the most beneficial investments in your anti-aging regimen. Dr. Shaddix can also help you develop a personalized anti-aging regimen using our best med spa treatments and products, as well.

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