Arm Lift Types: Which One is Right For You?

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Arm Lift Types: Which One is Right For You?

You have probably noticed that the skin on the back of your upper arm is harder to tone. This is normal. However, sometimes this skin becomes extremely inelastic due to aging or major weight loss. This can lead to sagging where the skin hangs down in an unattractive way. If you have this aesthetic concern, you may find it uncomfortable to wear short sleeves or tank tops because you feel self-conscious about your arms. An arm lift procedure with Dr. Shaddix can help you regain your confidence to be able to show off your arms again.

What is an Arm Lift?

Having excess skin along the underside of the upper part of the arm is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a very common condition. To help tighten this skin and create a toned upper arm, there is the arm lift. This procedure, also called brachioplasty, removes excess skin and fat in the upper arm to improve shape and tone.

During a consultation with Dr. Shaddix at his Pensacola office, he will examine your arms, go over your lifestyle and health history, and learn about your goals to see if you are an ideal candidate for an arm lift. If deemed so, then he will create your customized procedure. Three different incisions are used for arm lifts. Each incision has its advantages and disadvantages. Finding the right incision type for you will be key to achieving the best results.

Standard Incision

The standard brachioplasty technique uses an incision that is placed on the inside of the arm. This incision may extend from the armpit to just above the elbow. If your excess skin extends from the armpit to the elbow, resembling a batwing, then this is a good option. The standard incision involves the complete removal of the loose skin and excess fatty tissue.

Extended Incision

If you have loose skin and fat on the upper arm that extends down to the side of the body, then you can benefit from the extended incision. This uses the standard incision but extends it across the armpit and down the side of the chest.  This technique gets rid of all the loose skin and fatty tissue in the upper arm, as well as the underarm and side of the chest.

The Minimal Incision

If you have a small amount of excess skin that is located close to the armpit, then this could be the option for you. Dr. Shaddix may be able to pull the excess skin and tuck it into the armpit. Only a small incision is made near the armpit for this option.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to know which type of brachioplasty incision would work best for you is to talk with Dr. Shaddix at his Pensacola office. He will examine your arms and see how much loose skin needs to be removed. To get started, call the office or fill out our online form.